On The Picket Line – Fair Pay for Security

On The Picket Line – Fair Pay for G4S DWP Security Guards

The GMB and G4S have been in discussions regarding a pay raise effective December 1st, 2022. Initially, G4S proposed a 5.15% increase, while inflation hovered around 13.5%. As negotiations progressed to stage 2, G4S insisted on us taking the offer to a ballot, which was subsequently rejected by the members.

Following protocol outlined in the recognition agreement, consultations were held through ACAS, but proved unfruitful as G4S failed to sufficiently enhance the offer. After two additional meetings, it was determined that binding arbitration was necessary.

The GMB outlined terms of reference (TOR) specifying the dates and period the pay increase should encompass. However, G4S sought to impose restrictions, capping the maximum arbitrator award at 7%. This proposition was deemed unacceptable and contrary to the agreement’s intent.

The GMB has held numerous meetings, during which G4S attempted to enhance the offer by manipulating award dates and percentages. Subsequently, they sought to utilize the 2023 award to sweeten the deal.

In response, the GMB conducted a ballot among members regarding strike action, resulting in an overwhelming mandate with over 90% supporting the strike.

G4S security guards employed on the DWP contract serve as essential workers, safeguarding civil servants and the public. On the frontline, they regularly face verbal and physical threats, placing themselves at risk. Shockingly, more than 70% of G4S DWP Guards currently earn minimum wage, a situation deemed unacceptable. These dedicated professionals, integral to community safety, deserve salaries commensurate with their responsibilities.

Both DWP and G4S must present a fair pay offer that acknowledges the vital role these workers play in protecting and serving the community.

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