19 January 2024

DWP – Update 17-01-2024



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Dear members,

Please ignore any Company messaging from Managers, letters or notices that are trying to speak for GMB.

Not only is this a desperate act but it is totally inaccurate.

GMB is clear that members are entitled to pursue industrial action on matters like pay that are covered by the dispute resolution clause.

We are not looking to pre-empt the vote of members but we want you to vote in full knowledge of your rights.

Please ensure you have your say on pay this year and encourage any other colleagues who aren’t in GMB to have their say too.

GMB LNC GMB National Officer

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DWP – Update 09-1-2024

GMB G4S DWP – ACAS Won’t Arbitrate – Company Offer ‘Disrespectful’ – 9 January 2024


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Dear GMB Members,

We again want to thank members for your resolve and patience regarding 2022 pay.

In April we called on the Company to move straight to arbitration, but it refused. Instead, it drew out the pay talks and even sought to limit the independence of the arbitrator by claiming it could only afford the following:

  • 5.15% consolidated increase from 1st Dec 22 to 31st March 2023 rising to;
  • 7% consolidated from April 1st 2023 until 30th Nov 2023.

On November 30th ACAS formally advised that it wouldn’t arbitrate your 2022 pay dispute if the terms of reference weren’t agreed. Then on the 7th December the LNC met and offered to ballot members on their ‘affordable’ position above. However, on the 20th December the Company tabled an offer that is less than what they have claimed is affordable, and making it conditional on the LNC recommending it for acceptance:

  • 5.15% with effect from 1 December 2022 and;
  • 6.5% from 1st April 2023


Whilst this is technically the best outcome that can be achieved by negotiation, the LNC has agreed that it cannot recommend this offer to members because it falls far too short of your claim. Put simply, tabling an offer less than what they have claimed is the limit of their affordability is utterly disrespectful to members on the DWP contract.

As such the LNC has agreed to also ask members that if they reject the offer are they prepared to take industrial action in pursuit of a better offer.

To be clear the ‘no strike’ clause in your agreement does not apply to disputes under Clause F of the agreement, which covers issues such as pay, terms and conditions etc.

Workplace balloting will now be conducted during January closing on 9th February.

It is now important that members ensure their contact details are up to date, and during the balloting process we will be looking to confirm these with members. Make sure you check in with your local GMB shop steward.

We do not expect the Company will be happy with our position on their offer, and may well table something even worse, which would be a poor reflection on them and their attitude to members.

Please ensure you share this update with non-members and encourage them to vote on pay this year by joining GMB: https://www.gmb.org.uk/join-gmb

Yours in union,

GMB DWP LNC              GMB National Officer

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