Joining the GMB is a choice that many workers face at some point in their career. Unions have been around for centuries, and their purpose has remained the same: to protect workers’ rights and improve their working conditions. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why joining a union can be a wise decision for workers.

Collective bargaining power

One of the main reasons to join a union is to gain collective bargaining power. Unions negotiate with employers on behalf of their members to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions. Unions also provide legal representation to their members in cases of disputes with their employers. By joining a union, workers can amplify their voice and work together to negotiate better working conditions.

Job security

Unions also provide job security. In industries where layoffs and job loss are common, unions can negotiate job security provisions that protect workers from arbitrary layoffs and terminations. Unions can also help to prevent discrimination and ensure that employees are treated fairly in the workplace.

Improved benefits

Unions often negotiate better benefits for their members. These benefits can include health insurance, retirement plans, vacation time, and sick leave. By joining a union, workers can gain access to better benefits that improve their quality of life and provide security for themselves and their families.

Training and development

Unions also provide training and development opportunities for their members. These opportunities can include job training, professional development, and access to educational resources. By investing in their members’ skills and abilities, unions help workers to advance in their careers and stay competitive in their industries.

Social and political activism

Unions also engage in social and political activism. Unions advocate for workers’ rights on a broader scale, working to change laws and policies that affect workers. By joining a union, workers can participate in these efforts to improve their communities and society as a whole.


Joining a union can provide many benefits to workers, including collective bargaining power, job security, improved benefits, training and development opportunities, and social and political activism. Unions have a long history of fighting for workers’ rights and have helped to improve working conditions for millions of people. By joining a union, workers can gain access to these benefits and work together to improve their working conditions and quality of life.

Members earn on average 8% more pay

Workers who belong to a trade union are paid about 8% more than non union workers in comparable jobs

Non-Members are Twice as likely to have a workplace accident

Non-union members are twice as likely to have an accident at work compared to members in workplaces where trade unions are present.

Legal Services

GMB legal services recover millions of pounds each year for GMB members and their families