G4S Seeking Strike Breakers For DWP Contract


Dear Member,

We hope you are well.

This email is to update you on potential strike action by your fellow GMB members employed by G4S on the DWP contract.

We are aware that G4S is asking Events staff (and possibly others) to help them break the proposed strikes at Job Centres and DWP locations across the UK during May.

We want GMB members to know clearly what is really behind the requests for your support for the “G4S family” at Job Centres etc.

Your fellow GMB members on the DWP contract recently voted by 94% to take strike action and we would ask for fellow GMB members to support them in their fight for a decent pay rise for 2022/23 by not taking shifts that would help G4S break the strikes.

Nearly 90% of your fellow GMB members on the DWP contract are now on the minimum wage of £11.44, so this struggle for better wages is crucial to them – please see the DWP noticeboard for more information here:


G4S Secure Solutions Noticeboard | GMB Union


There will be a number of demonstrations across the UK so please contact your local GMB Region to find out more.

Once again we are seeking your support in refusing to work as a ‘strike breaker’ on the DWP contract.


Yours in union

GMB DWP LNC.                                                                         GMB NATIONAL OFFICER