Bulletin September 2023    


GMB Union Update – Time For Arbitration

Dear GMB Members,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and we want to thank you once again for your patience. As reported in the last update, ACAS have agreed to arbitrate but the Company were still insisting that negotiations continue and they requested a further meeting this week.

In order not to further delay the process we proposed a virtual meeting so that it could be done as soon as possible, where the Company offered, on top of the 5.15%:

  • An extra 3p an hour (0.25%) from April 2023 and;
  • Another 3p an hour (0.25%) from August 2023.

This offer proves that despite repeated denials over the years, G4S can dip its hand into its own pocket to pay Officers more than it receives from DWP.

 Now when the Company claims that “9.2% is simply not a viable option and risks the entire future of the DWP contract.” members have every right to be sceptical that the Company paying an extra 3-4% from its own pocket is somehow going to risk a multimillion pound contract.

Since talks have commenced your LNC have adjusted your claim to the lowest measure of inflation in December 2022, CPIH 9.2%, down from RPI 13.5%, in an effort to ensure that members do not fall behind the increased cost of living and to reach agreement.

The LNC holds the view that this offer is still substantially below any cost of living measurement and falls well below members expectations as expressed in your claim, so we are once again calling on the Company to move urgently to arbitration.

It has previously only taken a few emails to agree the terms of arbitration so unlike the Company we don’t see that taking up too much time or resources.

Please ensure you share this update with non-members and encourage them to voice their opinions on pay by joining

GMB: https://www.gmb.org.uk/join-gmb

In solidarity,

GMB DWP LNC                                                                                                             

GMB National Officer