August 2023

G4S DWP Pay Update July 2023


Bulletin No July 2023    


GMB Union Update on DWP Pay Increase 2022/23


Dear GMB Members,


We hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits, despite the ongoing challenges we face in our negotiations with G4S. We want to keep you informed about recent developments and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to achieving fair terms for all our members.


We understand and share your frustration with the company’s delay tactics. It’s evident that they are attempting to prolong the negotiations in hopes of undermining our collective strength. However, we want to assure you that the GMB stands strong, and we won’t be deterred by these tactics.


We must address G4S’s offers, which fell short of our members’ expectations. During the stage one negotiations, a 5.15% increase was proposed, but it did not align with members’ feedback and was unanimously rejected. G4S then presented the same offer of 5.15% during stage two negotiations which was rejected by 95% of GMB members by ballot, clearly reflecting the sentiment of our members. Furthermore, during the second ACAS meeting, the company then proposed a one-off payment of £125, which our members felt was an insult given their hard work and dedication during the cost-of-living crisis.


Now, yesterday, G4S presented a two-year deal that raises serious concerns for our members. In the first year, the proposed 5.15% increase without any improved percentage or additional benefits to the offer that was rejected by GMB Members and is simply not enough to reflect your hard work and dedication. The second-year offer 4% for premium sites and 7% for standard & enhanced sites with percentages even lower than the current Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) March to May average (7.4%) is disappointing, to say the least. GMB representatives closely analysed the proposed deal and the potential impact on GMB members. We share your belief that this offer would leave many worse off, rather than improving our members’ collective situation.


Low Pay Commission (LPC) estimate the National Living Wage (NLW) will need to rise next year to between £10.90 and £11.43 to reach the government’s target. LPC central estimate of the on-course rate of the NLW for 2024 is £11.16


Having analysed the company’s two-year offer, your LNC (Local Negotiating Committee) representatives are actively working to relay your feedback. We are open to a further meeting with G4S at ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service) to once again reaffirm what our hardworking members believe constitutes a fair wage.


Our resolve remains firm: we firmly believe that our members deserve a living wage that reflects their contributions. We have communicated our strong stance to the company and have made it clear that arbitration remains a viable path forward.


As your union, we stand united in our commitment to achieving a fair resolution that benefits all members. Your support is invaluable in these negotiations, and we thank you for standing together in solidarity.


We will continue to push for what is right and just, and we won’t back down until we achieve an outcome that uplifts our members and respects their hard work. Stay united, and let’s face these challenges together.


If you require further information, please contact your local GMB Representative or GMB Office


In solidarity,




GMB National Officer


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Bulletin No July 2023



Dear Members

We hope this newsletter finds you well. We are writing to thank all GMB members who took part in the recent consultative ballot on 2023 pay. Your participation and engagement in this important process have been invaluable.

We are pleased to announce that GMB members have voted overwhelmingly to accept the company’s offer. We have also notified the company of the results and they have indicated that the new pay rates will be implemented from 1st July and will be paid in July’s pay packet.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that as members of this union, we are stronger together. Our voices and actions can make a real difference in improving our working conditions and securing fair and just treatment for all members. We urge you to continue to stay engaged, participate in union activities, and help us build a stronger and more united membership.

Once again, thank you for your participation and support. Together, we will continue to work towards a better future for all members of GMB within SERCO PECS.

Yours in Solidarity

Mick Butler

GMB Regional Officer